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At Tights And More we're extremely keen to know what you think of the products we carry, so to encourage you to give feedback - good or bad - we're giving you the chance to win anything you review.

You don't even need to have bought something from us - you're reviewing the products, not the site. So even if you've picked up something in a department store or - horrors - another web site then you can still tell us what you think of it and stand the chance of winning it free.

To take part, just go to any product page and look for the "Write a review" link under the reviews heading on the right hand side.

When the reviews page opens, just give a star rating and fill in the boxes before hitting the "Send" button.

Each month we'll choose three reviews at random from all those submitted and then email the author for their address details, and send them the product completely free of charge!

Please note:

1. Reviews are validated before they appear on the site to check that they are genuine and do not contain any rude words.

2. We'll publish reviews - good or bad (because even the negative ones are a great guide for us and customers on which products are best). However we reserve the right not to publish a review if we have serious doubts about its authenticity, it breaches commonly understood standards of taste and decency, or we think you're maliciously trying to damage a brand without real justification.

3. You can enter as many times as you like. The only criteria is that you have genuine experience of the product in question. It doesn't matter where you bought it from.

4. Your email address will be kept private, not displayed on the site, and will not be passed on to any third party.

Any questions, please email Thank you for your feedback and good luck!

Start by clicking on the

Look for the "Write a review" link... and then fill in the boxes and hit "send"
... and then fill in the boxes.